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Our Podcasts

Our shows cater to multiple segments, are available in multiple languages. Need we say more? Check out the shows below.

Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India

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Come with us to a world of Kings and Queens, Princesses and Magicians on the podcast... tales from India that take you to a land of fantasy.

Baalgatha Podcast

Classic stories for children, available in English and Hindi. Coming soon in Marathi and Telugu

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Logo of MyKitaab Podcast : How to Publish and Market Your Books.

MyKitaab Podcast

Our first show, in which we interview authors, editors and book marketers to help authors understand how to publish and market their books.

बालगाथा कहानियाँ: (stories in Hindi)

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बालगाथा मराठी मधे

Our Archived Shows

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About Us

The word gaatha means a story. So in a way, the name gaatha story means “story story”; which we think is kind of cute! Based out of Bengaluru, we work with narrators, artists and editors from a variety of places to produce, distribute and market high quality audio shows.

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If you need more information about us, do write to us at: contact at gaathastory.com